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A community of hand-picked content creators.

Create photos, videos, text and design for your social media, blogs and websites.



You can submit a portfolio in five categories: photo, video, text, design and production. Next, all applications are evaluated by curators taker | maker - invited creative, media and marketing experts.
Our criteria: a strong portfolio, real customers and a unique superpower. When your portfolio is selected, you will have a personal profile on our platform.
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If you have a big idea, but don't have a team of content creators - you will definitely find them with us. Our database includes more than 120 high-quality content creators, as well as digital marketers, smm managers and content producers. Our experts evaluate each portfolio and only 10% of content creators get access to our network.
To find the perfect creator - use the search on the site - see the catalog of portfolios by category -     fill out our brief - get in touch with taker | maker , and we will clarify all the details for you: schedule, cost, reviews.

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In our blog, we publish selections of top creators by categories, professions and industries, introduce our clients and projects implemented for them by platform residents, share tips and trends in content creation, as well as current vacancies, courses and events.
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