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Case: Series of Illustrations for Motivational Project by Adsapience for Mastercard.

Brief: Find illustrators who could create images of "legion of aid" in a short time frame to motivate Ukrainians to make regular donations on the state platform eDopomoga.

Кейс: серія ілюстрацій для мотиваційного проєкту від Adsapience для Mastercard


Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, being useful has become a key task for local and international businesses in Ukraine. Being useful to clients, volunteers, servicemen, medicians, and critical infrastructure services. Prior to the arrival of international aid, Ukrainians themselves became the biggest source of funding for many volunteer initiatives. In three days, we raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the needs of people and the army. However, over time, donations began to decrease, and a new task arose – to motivate Ukrainians to donate regularly, even small amounts, because every donation is important.


As part of a joint project, the Mastercard team and the eDopomoga platform team, created with the support of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, decided to use the trend that gained popularity thanks to Ukrposhta: the release of unique stamps dedicated to significant events and victories of Ukrainians during the war. Therefore, to motivate Ukrainians to donate regularly for products, medicines, and fuel, unique sets of stamps were created, specially designed by Ukrainian illustrators.


Adsapience approached Taker | Maker with a request to select several illustrators who could create images of a certain "legion of aid" and transfer it to stamps in a short time frame. It was important that the stamps carried those key images/moments for which people can donate on the eDopomoga website, namely – medicine, fuel, food. The images had to be recognizable to donors. Everyone had to recognize themselves in the image when looking at the stamp.


Regarding the mechanics of the project: register on the eDopomoga platform and help those in need by making an online payment with a Mastercard. For every 5th donation, the participant was guaranteed to receive a sheet of stamps with illustrations. And those who donated the most received sets of merchandise with illustrations: a sheet of stamps, an envelope and a postcard, a hoodie and a shopper. The "Own Stamp" service from Ukrposhta was responsible for printing all materials.


In 2 days, Taker | Maker selected 11 illustrators who matched the style and were willing to work quickly. Adsapience presented Mastercard the results of the test task from all the creators. The project was assigned to 2 illustrators: Myroslava Shevchenko and Kristina Tsvenger.

Vladyslava Tsytsynovska, Adsapience project manager:

"It was a very inspiring experience and a true art collaboration. We gave the illustrators complete freedom of action and did not regret it. The Taker | Maker team provided us with fast search and flawless communication throughout the project - from briefing to the legal formalization of our collaboration with the illustrators. We are satisfied with both the result and the process."

Illustrations by Myroslava Shevchenko

Illustrations by Kristina Tsvenger

To contact illustrators and invite them to the project – write to Julia Pysmenna, or just fill in our Brief!

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