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Case: Stop-Motion Video for PIXIO

Brief: to do post-production on the recorded material and turn it into a stop-motion video for publication on social media.

Post-production and editing of the filmed material for social media publication into a stop-motion video for PIXIO.

PIXIO is a unique 16-color magnetic pixel art-style construction set, where the blocks are connected to each other thanks to a well-thought-out magnet system.

This was already the 3rd collab project between the platform and the brand. This time, the brand manager of PIXIO was looking for a video maker who specializes in stop-motion content. The video was supposed to convey the exciting process of creation and the free thinking of PIXIO. Taker | Maker found a specialist according to the brief and conducted initial negotiations on the terms of cooperation.

The video clearly demonstrates how the 8x8x8 mm blocks easily transform into an animal, a person, a work of art, a story, or even a whole world. It immediately becomes clear to the viewer that with PIXIO, you can create any three-dimensional shapes – animals or people, real or abstract.

Oleksandra Chemolosova, brand manager of PIXIO:

We have a rather large in-house studio, but at that time we did not have a post-production team and were looking for a professional who could edit the material with an enhanced sense of detail. We are still such perfectionists)) but we were looking for a person, not a studio for several reasons: the level of expertise and budget, of course. We were very lucky with Dan. Julia, as always, provided us with a quick choice. This is one of those cases when you choose the best from very good. The level of freelancers is inspiring, I also recommend that you try it.

To contact this video creator and invite him to your project – write to Julia Pysmenna,

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