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Case: a digital marketer to "Lavka Tradycij Silpo"

Brief: a project marketer with a digital experience, strong management skills and an interest in food retail and farming.

"Lavka Tradycij Silpo" is a brand and a department with natural farm and craft products of Ukrainian producers at "Silpo". The project unites over 170 small Ukrainian manufactures. Among them are hereditary farmers, ardent craftsmen, and slightly crazy foodies. Every day they make their natural products by hand: they press oil from coconuts, smoke meat on wood, grow tomatoes, feed goats, knit mozzarella or bottle cider.

Maryna Bulatska, head of the "Lavka Tradycij Silpo", was looking for a marketing manager for the school of food entrepreneurs "Foodprosvita": work with social media (content strategy and plan, content creation, promotion), website, messenger and email marketing. A particular importance to the candidate for this position was a good visual taste and love for products – farm, artisan, involvement in the local food movement, as well as successful experience of interaction with creative professionals – editors, photographers, videographers, art directors, copywriters, and organizational skills of filming processes.

Taker | Maker undertook the search and selection of a specialist in accordance with the brief, as well as conducted initial negotiations on the terms of cooperation.

Maryna Bulatska, head of the "Lavka Tradycij Silpo": "Dasha immediately struck me as a good candidate who combined both strategic vision and managerial skills, as well as being a follower of sustainable development and a responsible attitude of business to the environment. We worked together for one semester. As for working with the platform, everything was comfortable and simple. No bureaucracy. Several candidates were offered to me, we quickly agreed to work with Dasha. My experience was no different from how I was looking for people for projects before. Only this time the entry point was a platform, not my friend or colleague."

An interview with Maryna about cooperation with the platform and the search for the right content creator, how life and work changed during the war, about current challenges and what helps to adapt to new conditions.

To contact the digital marketing specialist Darya, who collaborated with Maryna in "Lavka Tradycij Silpo", and invite her to the project – write to Julia Pysmenna, or fill in our Brief right away.

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