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Marketing in Uncertain Times

At the end of January, Julia Pysmenna, the founder of a web service for content creators Taker | Maker (Ukraine) and Anne Laitinen, CEO of a creative digital agency Buorre (Finland) held a joint webinar on marketing and the work of marketers in times of uncertainty. We share notes, video and slides of the lecture with you.

Define theoretical best, worst and moderate scenarios that could play out during the crisis from the perspective of the business, its customers and critical partners.

Work with peers in other departments like HR and finance to develop the scenarios as they apply overall to the business.

Marketers must drill down to identify the specific challenges that customers, the brand and the marketing organization could experience in each scenario, and identify actions to take.

When you have to adapt marketing?

  • In the new circumstances: if you have a plan, you can have scenarios.

  • In the new markets: product-market fit is always about adapting.

  • When willing to sell more: if the buying behaviour changes, you should react – adapt.

However, while adapting, we have to stay true to the brand. Customers may like a product because it cannot be adapted. Some luxury products may benefit from adaptive service rather than from adapting the product.

Eventually, let’s just do our jobs!

  1. Communicate with more empathy, authenticity and focus on building long-lasting customer relationships.

  2. Disruptions happen all the time, but for marketers, it doesn’t mean that we should panic and stop all the activities.

  3. A crisis is always an opportunity to reinforce company values, get creative and think long-term. Or re-position ourselves.



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