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Motion Design: Effective Animation for Business

Motion design is a branch of design that deals with creating animated content, from logo and title animation to advertising videos and video presentations. Many consider motion design to be an art, as its goal is to convey emotions and impressions to the viewer through movement and visual effects. That's why more and more companies are focusing their efforts on producing high-quality animated videos, as it allows them to "hook" the viewer in the shortest possible time, hold their attention, and increase conversion and sales.

Motion Design: Effective Animation for Business

What can motion be?

Animated banners, interactive ads, and video advertising on social media are examples of how motion design can help brands grab their audience's attention.

Creating videos for social media is one of the most effective ways to use motion design in marketing. Short video clips created using motion design can be more memorable and attention-grabbing than static images. Brands use these video clips to advertise their products, launch campaigns, and attract new customers.

In addition, motion design can be used to create animated logos that are easy to recognize and remember. An animated logo not only increases brand recognition, but also creates a more dynamic and modern image.

Motion design can also help create more understandable and accessible infographics and presentations. Animation can help brands explain complex concepts and processes using simple and visual effects and images.

Overall, motion design is an effective tool for brands that want to grab their audience's attention and be memorable. This technique helps create attractive and engaging content that can captivate viewers and lead to increased conversion and sales.

Who is behind motion design? A motion designer is a specialist who creates animated content, specifically 2D and 3D graphics, such as promotional videos, music videos, infographics, animated logos, advertising banners, and more. A successful motion designer must possess a range of skills, both hard and soft, that are necessary for effective work.

The key hard skills of a motion designer Tools: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Flash are the primary tools for creating animated content. Animation: understanding the basics of animation, such as key frames, interpolation, motion, synchronization, effects, and more, which allows creation of more realistic and dynamic animation. Graphic design: knowledge of the basics of graphic design, such as composition, colour theory, typography (fonts and text layout), and other graphic elements. Sound design: understanding the basics of sound design and how to use sound to create a mood and enhance the effect of the animation. Storytelling: knowledge of script planning and storytelling, how to tell a story through animated content.

In addition to technical knowledge, a motion designer must also possess and develop soft skills that will help them work effectively in a team and interact with clients.

Main soft skills of a motion designer

Creativity: the ability to come up with new ideas, vary compositions, colour schemes, and other elements.

Communication skills: excellent communication skills that allow effective communication with the team, clients, and other stakeholders.

Analytical skills: understanding the client's business needs and taking data into account during the content creation process.

Resilience: the ability to work under pressure and stress, as deadlines and requirements can be quite demanding.

Organization: being organized and disciplined, which helps manage time and tasks more effectively.

Adaptability: the ability to adapt to new technologies, trends, and market demands to ensure the competitiveness of their work.

How to find the perfect motion designer?

When choosing a motion designer for your project, consider the following criteria:

Portfolio: review the potential motion designer's portfolio to assess their level of professional skill and work experience.

Experience: check how many years of experience the motion designer has and what projects they have already implemented.

Tools: make sure that the motion designer has the necessary technical skills and tools for creating animations.

Communication: it is important to consider how well the motion designer communicates and interacts with you and other members of the team.

Understanding of business: make sure that the motion designer understands the business needs and marketing goals of your project.

Pricing policy: compare prices and conditions of cooperation of different motion designers to find an option that suits your budget and needs.

Recommendations: check reviews and recommendations about the motion designer from other clients to learn more about their work and reputation.

It's best to choose a motion designer who has experience working on similar projects and understands your needs and business goals. It's also important to establish clear and realistic terms and conditions of cooperation with them. This is how the Taker | Maker team chooses motion designers for our clients' projects on our platform.

Taker | Maker Top 5 creators who work with motion design

Alex L.

Experience: 15 years.

Specialization: brand identity, graphic design, 2D animation, illustration, motion design, 3D graphics, packaging, sticker packs, creative solutions for multichannel campaigns, key visuals.

Industries: FMCG, telecom, finance, gambling, tobacco devices.

Skills: shooting commercials and music videos, scriptwriting for video content, website interface animation, brand integration for events, creating 3D visualizations.

Anastasia N.

Specialization: motion design, 2D animation, 3D animation, hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation, post-production, video editing.

Skills: creating animated videos from A to Z - starting from the script/storyboard, continuing with illustrations, actual animation, and, if necessary, selecting music/sound design and organizing voice-over.

Den S.

Experience: 10 years.

Specialization: advertising, promo, corporate videos, animation.

Industries: FMCG, pharma, home appliances, culture, toys, travel.

Skills: directing, filming, editing, motion design, animation.

Pavlo B.

Experience: 15 years.

Specialization: brand identity, 2D illustration, 3D graphics, packaging, web design, motion graphics, book design, art.

Industries: FMCG, industrial events, festivals, art projects.

Skills: visual and marketing communication, creative concept development, art direction, illustration, digital marketing, online advertising, lettering.

Tetiana P.

Experience: 5 years.

Specialization: art direction, graphic design, branding, motion design, creative, 2D animation.

Industries: government agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, FMCG, pharma, fintech, automotive.

Skills: creating videos with shape animation and stock footage, from generating ideas and storyboarding to post-production, editing, colour correction, and sound design.



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