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Nika V.


Experience: 7 years.
Specialization: advertising, content.
Graduated from Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Institute of Journalism, majoring in advertising and public relations. In addition, she studied copywriting at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts.
She worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies Isobar, Yarche, Aimbulance, Kontora and Unit.City. She was a content manager at a food company and Ukrainian streetwear brand Syndicate. She collaborated with large, small, Ukrainian, Belgian, Dutch, American brands. She is interested in projects with meaning, in order to fairly invest emotions in them. Actively participates in the community  Biorhythm , which listens to the rhythm of all living things on this earth.

Languages: writes in Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Clients: Helen Marlen, Mastercard, NITTO, McAlson, Lufthansa, Syndicate, Sushiya, Pixio, Hockey Federation of Ukraine.