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Alex K.


Experience: 10 years.

Specialization: advertising, promo, music video, film, documentary film.

Industries: music, cinema, technology, science, fashion.

Team: directors Oleksiy Taranenko, Levon Baghdasaryan, Oleg Stahurskyi, photographer Anatolii Kas'yan.

Skills: creating a concept, producing, directing, directing, shooting, editing, working with light.

Clients: Antonio Biaggi, Vif, Privatbank, Comfy, All-in-box, Dneprohydromach, Owox, Liberator, Axor Industry, Branto, Borisov, Oh Cherie, Netaki, Graph.

Superpower: develop concepts, share experience, gain experience, live, laugh, photograph.

Реклама | Antonio Biaggi

Реклама | Antonio Biaggi

All Categories
All Categories
Портфолио: Алекс

Реклама | Antonio Biaggi

Commercial | Smartico

Реклама | VIF

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