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Oleksiy K.


Experience: 11 years.

Specialization: advertising, actor's business card, cinema, concerts.

Graduated from Kyiv National University named after I.K. Karpenko-Karogo, specialty "operator". Worked at "1+1 Media", "1+1 Producion", "Tabor Production", "Pulse Media", "Perfecionist Films", "Icona Film Agency". He founded the balkon1702 studio. He taught photography.

Skills: managing projects from beginning to end as a director of photography - preparation, writing control, discussing scenes, training a tech rider, working on the site and organizing the work of his department, attending editing and color correction.

Clients: Comfy, UR-SO, Derzhkino.

Super ability: three-dimensional vision of the task, understanding of teamwork, readiness of photo material the next day.

U-R-SO Summer Files. Timeless

U-R-SO Summer Files. Timeless

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All Categories
Портфолио: Алексей К

U-R-SO Summer Files. Timeless

Actor Test

GG ГуляйГород - Калинонька (official video)

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