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Anastasia N.

Experience: 6 years.
Specialization: motion design, 2D animation, 3D animation, frame-by-frame draw animation, post-production, video processing.
She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Ukraine), specialization in graphic design. She studied at courses at Projector Creative & Tech Online Institute, Pause to Play, School of Visual Communication. 
Skills: creating animated videos from A to Z – starting with scripts/storyboards, ending with illustrations, animations and, if necessary, selecting music/sound design and arranging voice-over. Video post-production: removing/replacing/adding objects, color correction, special effects, keying. Creating videos for social media.
Achievements: a video that was broadcasted as mapping on the city council building, advertisements for Google Ads and Google Store.

Clients: AVK, Ukrainian International Airlines, Utarel, Google Store, Google Ads, Inkerman, Nivea, L'Oreal, Smile, Brocard, Ecomilk, Freken Bock, Kotex, Small Talking, Coffee Is, Petit Tresor, Beyond Meat, GoodFood, Kvitna, Redford, Iknow, Shagovita, TikTok, Neftegaz Ukraine, Beikush Winery, Goosucc, Peremoga space, Pedigree, Cyclex, IGMA, Regenerate, Nomad Family, Alfa Insurance, GeoZilla, Genesis, Cinema Citi, TerraBiotec, Grace Tea.
Superpower: perform tasks quickly, work on several projects simultaneously without loss of quality.
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Explainer | Food

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Анастасія Н.

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