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Andriy O.


Experience: 15 years.
Specialization: advertising, music videos, social videos, series, entertainment shows. 
Topics: humor, futurism, fashion, technology, entertainment content. 
Graduated from Kharkiv National University named after V. N. Karazina, specialty "physics of low temperatures". Since 2005, he has worked in various areas of video, television, film... Director/showrunner of top entertainment shows on StarLightMedia media channels. Since 2020, the director of the series.

Skills: directing, editing, video compositing and 2D special effects. 
Clients: Three Bears, Morjo, AVON (The Hardkiss), Agon band, Bambinton band, Oriflame, Globino, Syaivir, My Coffee Factory, ATB, Zhaivir, Starlight Media (promo).

Super ability: connection with the site, signs and presentations.