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Dasha Sh.


Experience: 6 years.

Specialization: social video, advertising, corporate video, promo, music video, video presentations, making of.

She is a manager of foreign economic activity by education. In the period 2011-2014, she was the co-host of the author's program "Durnev + 1" on the TV channel TET. After 2 years, she worked as a producer at the Beloesuhoe production company. Since 2016, she has been implementing video projects as a director and producer.

Clients: Saga Development; Beloesuhoe, Visim Film; Wyrex, CatPillow, Andmetics; Klub4Lapy, Big Bob, Kite; Hangover, ZhZL, Citronelle, Kazanok, Gud Food; Oleynik, Nesia Ferdman; Oberig Jewelry, Ukrtelecom, Courage Bazaar; UNICEF, Let's Help, World Boxing Council, International Organization for Migration and Human Trafficking, Ministry of Social Policy; Lineavi, Delta Medical.

Superpower: to be as collected, clear and focused as possible at work, while dancing and laughing at the same time.

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Реклама | WoWCrabs

Реклама | WoWCrabs

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