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Den S.


Experience: 10 years.

Specialization: advertising, promo, corporate video, animation.

Industries: FMCG, pharma, household appliances, culture, toys, travel.

Made his way from designer to head of video production. Cooperates with agencies Cheil Ukraine, McCANN Kyiv, Postmen, Art Of Mice and production houses ESSE Production House, Magai Film Production.

Skills: staging, shooting, editing, motion design, animation.

Clients: Samsung, Electrolux, Somersby, Tolo Toys, HeyClay, Pixio, Silpo, Bukovel, Darnytsia, Planeta Kino, Arterium, GIZ, Ukrainian Cultural Fund, Olena Pinchuk Fund.

Мистецтво хоче знайомитись

Мистецтво хоче знайомитись

Мистецтво хоче знайомитись

НУМО. Навичка вибору

Сексуальна освіта. Онлайн-курс

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