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Nata K.

Experience: 5 years.
Specialization: promo, music videos, advertising, fashion film.
Topics: art, nature, fantasy, fashion, space. 
She graduated from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, majoring in sociology. For several years she worked in the production company Radioaktivefilm. She was the second director of the Swedish-Ukrainian film Lost in Kyiv.
Skills: building a scenario, working with an idea, directing, dramaturgy, editing.
Clients: Tightmeup app, "Белые ночы" music festival, musicians Panivalkova, Refinders, fashion designer Roussin Ukrainian, Recycling Creativity Festival Berlin, Flawless beauty&skin USA.
Superpower: creative energy.
Content Campaign | Flawless

Content Campaign | Flawless

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All Categories
Портфолио: Ната К

Content Campaign | Flawless

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