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Olga V.


Experience: 5 years.

Specialization: lifestyle, reporting, backstage, interviews.

Industries: fashion, beauty, family, children.

Teacher by education. She graduated from the course "Videomaking at Pro Cut School and Andrii Korotich's course "Shooting video on a camera". After many years of photography practice, she took up video. She created a special project Milk Talks for the Milk Kids concept store. She works with Isida and private clients.

Skills: photo and video shooting, editing.

Clients: Isida, Navro, Speakwell, Vdvoem,, Concept Bride, Marque, Tabletochki, Zdai Blood, Deloitte, Milk Kids.

Super ability: the ability to speed up and be ready to shoot at any time of the day, whether it's a reportage or filming a birth.

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Backstage: making of «Inseparable»

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