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Vitaly M.


Experience: 5 years.

Specialization: commercial video, video content, making of, digital video, smm-content.

The first specialty is a history and English teacher. Passed the Filmmaking course at KAMA. He has been engaged in both artistic and commercial photography for more than 15 years. For several years he was engaged in graphic design and typesetting.


Now cooperates with video production Esse Production House and digital production DGTL RLGN. During his career, he worked with almost all types of cameras, both photo and video.

Skills: editing, color correction, working with light and various types of cameras and lenses.

Clients: Mai Satai bar, Wild Turkey whiskey, real estate site, Samsung, Morshinska, Kyivstar, McDonald's, Bolt, Revo Energy, PrivatBank, 

Superpower: a sense of humor, adapts to any situation, if he can't do something, he will learn or find someone who can.

Behind the Scenes | Morshynska | Body

Behind the Scenes | Morshynska | Body

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All Categories
Портфолио: Виталий

Behind the Scenes | Morshynska | Body

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