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Гайд з SMM: що почитати, послухати і подивитися про маркетинг та контент.

Taker | Maker зібрав для вас книги, YouTube-канали, подкасти та курси, які допоможуть безкоштовно підтягнути свої знання та скіли з контенту та маркетингу у соціальних мережах.

Почитати | Книги

Your Marketing Content Planner Guide: 8 Steps to Supercharge Your Content Plan and Build a Social Media Strategy that Sells

Social Media Strategy: Marketing and Advertising in the Consumer Revolution

Get Content. Get Customers. How to use content marketing to deliver relevant, valuable, and compelling information that turns prospects into buyers

Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content For Web and Mobile

The Quickest Guide to Content Creation: How to Consistently Create Content that is Uniquely Yours, Engages Your Audience, and Aligns with your Goals

Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters

Decoded - The Science Behind Why We Buy

Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice

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Marketing School

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social Media Marketing Talk Show

The Digital Marketing Podcast

The Science of Social Media

Подивитися | YouTube Канали

HubSpot Marketing


Send Pulse


Подивитися | Курси та Сертифікати


What is Social?

The Business of Social

Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising

Професійний сертифікат Meta Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management


Writing for Social Media

Online Advertising & Social Media

Marketing Digital: Content & Community Manager

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

eMarketing Institute

Social Media Marketing Course And Certification

Content Marketing Course And Certification

Online Marketing Course And Certification


Fundamentals of digital marketing

Promote a business with content

Content, Advertising & Social IMC

Google Analytics

Hubspot Academy

Social Media Marketing Course: Get Certified in Social Media Strategy


Social Media Marketing: 100+ курсов

Meta | Дія.Бізнес

Програма з підтримки малого бізнесу в Україні

Oxford Home Study Centre

Social Media Marketing

The Campster

Internet Marketing

The Constant Contact

Social Media Quickstarter

Quintly Academy

Social Media Analytics Course

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