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Anton K.


Experience: 7 years.

Specialization: advertising, promo, music video, reporting.

Industries: fashion, alcohol, sports, gastronomy, show business.

Graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Cooperates with several video productions: Beloesuhoe, Videofirma, Alive Film (Cyprus), radioactive film (backstage filming), TOK agency.

Skills: pre-production, time and budget planning, light, sound, color correction and image work, compositing, keying, rotoscoping and other visual special effects.

Clients: DTEK, Naftogaz, Fragolino, Fight Family Club, Sklyanka, Vapiano, Gang Street Style, Shiko, Sandoz, Agrotech Alliance, Avalon, Dronshmot, ElectroCars, D-side, Parimatch (corporate videos) Z-Games, Feel the Beat festival.

Super ability: learns very quickly, well-developed logic, knows at which stages of production you can stumble, and put "hay" there in advance.

Music Video | Probass ∆ Hardi feat. НАОНІ

Music Video | Probass ∆ Hardi feat. НАОНІ

Music Video | Probass ∆ Hardi feat. НАОНІ

Jerry Heil - #БОМБА_РАКЕТА_ПУШКА_ГРАНАТА [Прем'єра клiпу]

Music Video | Chosschains

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