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Trends in Content Creation: What Captures Audience Attention in 2024

In today's world of information overload and high competition, creating effective and audience-engaging content becomes a necessity for any business or creative professional. Trends in content creation provide marketers with new ideas and tools to capture user attention and convert it into desired actions. This overview will help understand key content trends and unveil how to integrate them into your marketing for optimal results.

Trends in content creation provide marketers with new ideas and tools to capture user attention and convert it into desired actions.

Video Content

The video format has become pivotal in the modern media landscape. Short video clips on platforms like TikTok and Instagram not only enable effective message delivery but also provide opportunities for creative expression. Video content encompasses direct advertising, educational videos, virtual travels, interviews, creating a diverse and engaging experience for the audience. In 2024, it is worth focusing on vertical videos, soundless videos with subtitles, shorts, reels, live streams, and UGC content (discussed later as a separate trend).

User Generated Content

User Generated Content, or content created by users, is currently a significant trend in the modern digital landscape. This content trend involves providing the audience with the opportunity to create and share their own content on platforms — whether it be photos, videos, or reviews. This allows users to become active participants rather than mere consumers of content. User Generated Content becomes a source of diversity and openness as users bring their unique perspectives.

Brands leverage UGC to increase audience trust, as impressions and recommendations from real people significantly influence the perception of a product or service among others. In addition to content from genuine users, brands actively collaborate with UGC creators. Essentially, these are influencers who create UGC content on demand but do not publish it on their own platforms.


The evergreen content trend for many years, storytelling has evolved beyond a method of narration and into an art form that evokes emotions and builds mutual understanding. Today, it is more about the ability to create vivid characters and narratives that leave a lasting impression in the consciousness and imagination of the audience. Stories provide brands with the opportunity to connect more deeply with their users, allowing them to feel part of a larger narrative.

The path to the audience's heart lies through emotional connection, and storytelling is precisely what creates this connection. Mysterious characters and unexpected plot twists in stories leave a mark in the viewer's memory, making them an active participant in their own unique experience.

Interactive and Engagement

Creating open feedback mechanisms such as comments, quizzes, polls, and live streams stimulates active audience engagement. Combined with fast-paced formats similar to Instagram Stories, interactive content becomes a powerful tool to encourage audience interaction and prompt them to take necessary actions. Live broadcasts, such as Q&A sessions, live product demonstrations, and even in-depth discussions, open opportunities for real-time communication with users. Moreover, interactive formats create a sense of urgency and trigger FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), compelling the target audience to immediate reactions and swift decision-making regarding purchases.


The era of uniform minimalist Instagram pages is behind us. People are growing weary of the "successful success" narrative. Authenticity in content is about openness, sincerity, and trust. Sharing not only successes but also challenges and imperfect cases, revealing the inner world and closed processes — all contribute to establishing a personal connection, deep understanding, and strong relationships. Authentic content provides the audience with a sense that behind the screen are real people with real stories. Authenticity permeates every aspect of content, making it heartfelt and resonant with each user. When a brand expresses itself authentically, it becomes a part of the lives of its followers.


The sense of fatigue from information overload can lead people to ignore content that demands more attention and effort to comprehend. Naturally, audiences increasingly prefer light and entertaining content. Thus, memes have evolved into an effective means of communication and expressing emotions in the online environment. Thanks to their virality, memes have become popular tools for communication on the internet. Brands are already actively incorporating memes into their marketing strategy to capture attention and engage with their audience. Memes not only evoke laughter but also serve as a means of shaping and disseminating specific language and cultural codes within internet communities.

AI-Generated Visual Content

The growing popularity of AI-generated visual content is becoming a significant trend in content marketing. Algorithms allow for experimentation with new forms, creation of unique characters, and modeling entire new worlds. From abstract visuals to anthropomorphic illustrations, AI services genuinely enrich the content landscape and contribute to creative development in the digital environment. However, for better or worse, achieving consistent visual styling across all brand materials is currently impossible with AI alone. This is where human intervention comes to the rescue.



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