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How-To: Getting the Most out of Taker | Maker

Taker | Maker is a web service for hiring handpicked creative talents. Our creatives produce commercial content – photos, videos, text, designs – for social media, websites, blogs of businesses. We are building an innovative service based on AI/ML technologies that connect creative talents with clients not only based on portfolios and hard skills but also on soft skills. In our new article, we explain how our service works.

How-To: Getting the Most out of Taker | Maker


You can independently find and choose the right artist on Taker | Maker. To do this, use the keyword search on our website. These can be:

  • Industry: technology, fashion, real estate, alcohol, food, beauty, auto, art, entertainment, showbiz

  • Creator's profession: photographer, videographer, copywriter, designer, SMM manager, marketer

  • Type of content: photo, video, text, design, illustration, collage

  • Tasks: shooting, editing, animation, website, script, strategy, content plan, slogan, press release, SEO text, article

As a result of the search, you will receive a list with portfolios of creators who may be relevant for your task. To get in touch with these creators and find out more about their terms and availability, fill out the Brief and include links to their portfolios.

If the search does not generate a list of portfolios or you are not satisfied with the search results, fill out the Brief and indicate that you need a platform recommendation in choosing a creator.

Services Included in the Commission

Upon receiving your brief, we take care of:

  • Selecting a creator on the platform according to your brief

  • Conducting initial negotiations on all terms between you and creators

  • Setting up video calls, if requested, for a short intro and discussion about key details, work scope

  • If all parties agree to the terms and are ready to begin working, after paying the platform commission, we provide the creator's contacts, and you continue working with the creator directly

  • In case difficulties and unforeseen circumstances arise, both parties can contact us at any stage of collaboration, and together we will find a solution

Commission Payment

The platform's commission is 10% per project of the creator's fee. If it is a monthly job, the commission is also 10% of the creator's fee and is paid by the client during the first 3 months of the creator's work.

If the amount of the project or monthly work is less than 250 USD / EUR / GBP, we have a fixed fee of 25 USD / EUR / GBP per project or per month.

The commission is paid by the client directly to the platform after an agreement has been reached with the creator on cooperation and before the start of your joint work. Usually, before providing contacts.

The commission for monthly work is paid in installments. The first part before the start of cooperation, the second and third – at the beginning of each month of cooperation.

Commission Refund

The platform does not refund the commission if the client and the creator have started working. This is because we are not with you in the process and do not understand what and when can go wrong between you. In any case, we always stay in touch. You can contact us at any stage of collaboration, and we will help you find a solution.

If you have any questions, please contact our founder by phone, messenger, or email!



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